Advocacy For The Music Industry

Amanda Colleen Williams

Founder & Director


Amanda is a Grammy nominated and 7X platinum selling song writer based in Nashville, TN.  She holds a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music with a focus on Music Business/Management, and is the owner of Hillbilly Culture LLC Enhanced Music Publishing Company.  Her recent co-write with Garth Brooks "She's Tired of Boys" is on Man Against Machine and The Ultimate Collection.

Amada Williams, in Nashville, is supporting advocacy for the rights of songwriters, publishers and artists around the world.   Amanda is working hard to establish fair and reasonable revenues for music being sold as digital downloads via “Streaming”.  “Streaming” is a huge issue in the industry, as it is literally “stealing” any opportunity for music professionals to make a decent living creating and marketing their music.  The typical revenue for a digital  "stream" varies, but, is often in the $.002 range.  At that rate, it will take an awful lot of "streams" to buy a cup of coffee, much less fill up your gas tank or your stomach!

You can learn much more about Amanda and what she does at:



A quote from Cheryl, owner, CJ Video Production Services:

I would love to help you create awesome music videos at very affordable prices.  Please checkout  my work at

Please know that Cheryl just recently produced a video for Texas Music Recording Artist Todd Barrow (WCCMP client).  The link to the video for Todd's song "Love In The Big Bayou" is as follows:

I can tell you that we feel that Cheryl's work is a true "value", which represents the intersection of an excellent price for quality production.

I can also tell you that while I consider Cheryl's pricing as proprietary to CJ Video Production Services, we found her pricing to be exceptional for the production delivered.

In my estimation, video is the wisest way to "market" a song, be it by a songwriter or by an artist.  It provides the opportunity for the oldest sales method in the world . .. . "show and tell".

We are very, very pleased with Cheryl and her work, and we endorse her and her efforts to make the very best video possible at the very best price possible.


We at WCCMP have worked with the following companies, and endorse them as viable options for various needs you may have.

Demo production is a key part of the success of any hit song.  Production can be a huge help or problem when pitching your music to the industry.  For this reason, we believe that the producer of your songs should be hand picked and motivated to provide each songwriter with the very best demo product available at competitive pricing.


We, at WCCMP, sent the following quote to Tanner recently.

"Tanner Landry is a consummate professional. He is extremely "studio" and "radio" friendly, and does an incredible job on every project that he touches. He has a huge desire to make every song all it can be and he listens to input from his clients.   Tanner just worked with our client, Recording Artist Todd Barrow, on a song called "Hot Southern Night", which ROCKS!!! A great song for today's market".  "Hot Southern Night"  is posted under Trey Houston & Todd Barrow songs on this site.   In addition, Tanner recently invested a great deal of his time and talent to helping us complete a video to support a song by Recording Artist Todd Barrow called "They Are Not Invisible", which speaks to the estimated 40K/200K veterans that sleep on our streets, in our parks and alleys . . . and eat from dumpsters. We at WCCMP will forever be grateful for the time and talent that Tanner donated for free to help our troops and their families. I cannot recommend Tanner highly enough. He cares and he does great work at competitive prices!! God's Grace; Gus & Lisa Wolman, Winners Circle Country Music Publishing, Marketing and Promotions (BMI)."

Shane McCauley, owner, In-House Recording, just worked with WCCMP client, Texas Country Music Artist Todd Barrow, on a song called "Gold Cross & Jesus".   BRAVO to the  production and great vocals by Todd.  Our experience with Shane has been nothing but first class.

From Shane's Web Site

I'm Shane McCauley, and I own and operate the studio. I'll provide you with personal attention and master quality results, all at an excellent value. I tour occasionally, but when I'm off the road, I devote my time and my heart to my studio and to your project. I'm seriously committed to recording, and passionate about constantly raising the quality of my output to benefit you.

The recording setup is modeled on a Nashville-based studio currently producing frontline demos. Several tracks done there were kept as master recordings, and you hear the resulting combination of gear, techniques, and attention to detail on many of today’s country, rock, and pop hits. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned pro, I provide top quality service and gear, time, effort, and expertise to start and finish your project to your satisfaction.


I (Gus Wolman) have known Jeff for some time and he is a great producer.   A lot of Jeff's music "Rocks", which is what the country music folks want on the radio theses days.  He has a wonderful "groove", and his material is very contagious . . . .and, his pricing is very competitive.  
"Ever since I heard Jeff Graham's song "Yes Mam", I knew Jeff was a special songwriter and producer.  Jeff has a number of songs in contract with WCCMP, and we pitch him quite often.  I have referred Jeff to our fellow WCCMP Songwriter Family members, and have had nothing but very positive feedback on songs that he has produced.  Jeff Graham puts the songwriter first.
Graham Productions offers a full range of services, including developing melody and music for lyrics.  Jeff strives to make sure your song will be based upon your needs and desires.  Jeff can also help you complete incomplete songs.  The goal at Graham Productions is to make your song "commercial", increasing your opportunity for success.
Phone 330-324-6134


Welcome to Crystal Clear Sound, one of the longest running and most reputable studios in North Texas. For over 30 years, Crystal Clear has provided the highest level of recording and mixing with a first class room, gear and engineers. Using a mix of vintage & new, analog and digital, we can meet all of your recording needs.

Whether you need to record a full band, track drums for your home recording project, track a 20 piece big band project, record a voiceover, cut vocals, mix the tracks you’ve recorded at home, pitch correct vocals, or record, mix and master your entire album project from start to finish, we can do it all at extremely reasonable rates.

For many years we have also been the "go to" place for CD duplication. Great prices & great service!

Our goal is to help you realize your artistic vision and keep your creativity flowing while making the recording process transparent, efficient and painless and give you a first class, professional finished product.


I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Drilling, owner, Panda Productions numerous times.  Dan does incredible work and has access to the best muscians in the world there in Music Row.  Dan recorded my song, "Mom's Blue Envelope", which was just released in March, 2016, on Recording Artist Laurie Shaw's CD project "Breathless", via John Anthony's Banner Records.


Major Labels have used our "demos" as radio singles. 
As a Nashville recording studio, our productions feature exclusive major label players you won't find available anywhere else. Our musicians have played on Grammy award winning albums and tour with legendary artists such as Hank Williams Jr, Loretta Lynn, Brad Paisley, and more!  Our clients range from today's hit-makers to first time writers who have used our services to achieve major cuts, placements, radio and TV success including American Idol and The Voice. 
Most of these writers live nowhere near Nashville and yet have received more musical success than 98% of Nashville songwriters. Simply send our Nashville recording studio a rough worktape of your song (or lyrics only) and get back a radio-ready masterpiece!  You will receive a free upgrade to radio-ready mastering saving you hundreds of dollars per song, plus you can even use Paypal Credit/Bill Me Later to get your song recorded now and wait 6 months before you pay for it!