Full Written Critique Available

A complete written critique is available for $20 for one song, $30 for two songs, and $15 for each additional song submitted in the SAME SUBMISSION. Should you opt for the "full written critique", please forward your song(s) to gus.wolman@yahoo.com.  Please send one song (MP3) per email request (with song name in the subject line of the email).

Payment must be made prior to critique and can be paid for through Pay Pal (gus.wolman@yahoo.com).   $20/1 song; $30/2 songs; $45/3 songs; etc. If requesting the "full written critique", you can expect a written evaluation of your song(s) with specific comments relating to the content, as well as comment on the marketability of your submission(s) for today's radio. We will make all efforts to have your written critique back to you within two to three weeks.