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Honesty, integrity, loyalty, professionalism and hard work are all things that we understand. We have built our firm over the past 17 years by doing fair and equitable business. Our mission is to “help people through music”, providing songwriters and artists with the tools and skills necessary to be successful.

We attribute any success we might experience to our Lord, Jesus Christ. We thank the Lord for his help, guidance and Grace.



I would like to thank The Lord, Jesus Christ, for his love, guidance and grace.  It was He that placed a guitar in my hands at the age of twelve.  Seven of the ten tracks on "Real Men Do Cry" are "faith" songs that relate "lessons learned" through Him.  The Lord has taught me to understand that love is the key ingredient to life.  I want to thank my parents, Colonel Gus A. Wolman, Jr., and Yvonne Claire Wolman,  for their encouragement.  I would like to thank my wife, Lisa, for her love and support.  Lisa has been a huge part of growing Winner's Circle Country Music Publishing for 8 of the last 15 years.  I would like to thank my sister Pam Hanlon and her husband Rick, who have supported me and our family each and every time we have been in need of help and love.


I would like to thank John Anthony, President, Banner Records.  John paved the way for my first major cut, "Mom's Blue Envelope", as released by Country Recording Artist, Laurie Shaw.  This song is available as a single on iTunes and Amazon, and John & Laurie made sure that it was included in Laurie's new CD, "Breathless", that is now available around the world.  I want to thank Laurie Shaw for believing in the song and recording it as the first song for her new CD.  I would also like to thank all the producers of the songs on this project, with a special shout out to Will Gunnell, for producing eight of the ten tracks.


Seven songs were written by me.  I would like to give my sincere thanks to Will Gunnell for his co-write of "Real Men Do Cry" and the incredible "rocking" production that he put into the song (as well as his co-write and production of "Thank God He's Back in Our Songs").   Also, my thanks to Gary Pinkston, who actually wrote "The Devil", but, gave me half of the song for giving him the “hook” and story.


I would like to dedicate this CD to every member of every branch of our Armed Forces and to all those who suffer the tragedies of war and terrorism around the world.  It is also dedicated to every child around the world that is told by parents "don't cry".  It is my hope that "Real Men Do Cry" assures each and every child (and adult) that crying does not show weakness, rather, crying comes from the heart and love.


Peace And God's Grace.


Texas Country Music Recording Artist Trey Houston

Texas Country Music Recording Artist Trey Houston

Texas Country Music Recording Artist Todd Barrow

Texas Country Music Recording Artist Todd Barrow

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