Gus & Lisa Wolman, Owners, WCCMP.

Gus & Lisa Wolman, Owners, WCCMP.

Music Industry Affiliations - WCCMP/Gus A. Wolman, III

Fort Worth Songwriters Assn. - Member since 2001
NSAI - Member for 10 years
TSAI - Member for two years
BMI - Winners Circle Country Music Publishing - current
ASCAP - Lisa's Acorn Music Publishing - current
SESAC - Helping People Through Music - current
WCCMP Non-Exclusive Songwriter/Publisher Contract - Approved by NSAI, 2005


Credits - Songs Published by WCCMP


Instrumental in releasing the following 501(c)3 charity songs (donation of gross digital download revenues to the parent  organization(s).

"Living On Empty" - Artist:  Trey Houston - benefiting Hunt County Kids & Lake Area Shared Ministries.

"He's A Soldier" - Artist: Trey Houston - benefiting Wounded Heroes of Texas.

"Homeless On The Range" - Artist:  Trey Houston - benefiting Patriot Paws.

"They Are Not Invisible" - Todd Barrow - Raising Awareness of homeless Veterans.

"Faded Purple Heart" - Trey Houston - Raising Awareness of PTSD.

"The House That Love Built" - Sonny Burgess & Todd Barrow (Todd Barrow vocals) - benefiting Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth, Texas - Song 100% gifted to RMH FW by Sonny Burgess/Todd Barrow/WCCMP.

"Getting Back To The Basics", CD by Clint Moody.

"Jeffrey Michaels", CD by Jeffrey Michaels




WCCMP has accrued, since 2004, 60+  indie cuts.  In addition, Laurie Shaw released Gus Wolman’s song,  “Mom’s Blue Envelope” (Banner Records, John Anthony, President).  Laurie Shaw and Banner Records have blossomed into major label status.



Gus A. Wolman, III - Published Credits
"My Dishes Don't Match No More" - 95.9, KFWR, The Ranch - Funny Song Promotion, 2002

"My Dishes Don't Match No More" - Cajun Cuisine Recipies - Radio Promotion - 2003

"Blue Envelope" - released by  Heather Roberts - HERO Records

"Mom's Blue Envelope" - Released in Europe by Laurie Shaw - Banner Records - charted in Stuart Cameron's Hot Disc Chart - in top 40 eight weeks in a row - 2013 - highest rating #8.

"Mom's Blue Envelope": -CD  Released in United States by Laurie Shaw, of Banner Records,  in March, 2016, via her CD entitled "Breathless".

"Thank God He's Back In Our Songs", put into rotation by HLE RADIO in March, 2016 (Internet Music Site).

"God Was My Pilot", put into rotation by HLE RADIO in March, 2016 (Internet Music Site)

"Gold Cross & Jesus", released by Country Recording Artist Todd Barrow;  May, 2016;  Songwriters Gary Pinkston & Gus Wolman.



2007 - Third Place, Gospel, Fort Worth Songwriters Association; 
            "House of Many Mansions"

2008 - First Place, Gospel, Fort Worth Songwriters Association; 
            Co-write/Gary Pinkston  
            "Gold Cross & Jesus"

2010 - First Place, Song of the Year, Fort Worth Songwriters Association; 
           "A Blue Envelope"