Our Story


In 2000, songwriter Gus Wolman established Winners Records in Dallas, Texas. As our company grew, we shifted our resources from producing records to pitching and publishing commercial music, and WCCMP was born!!

In July, 2018, we at WCCMP decided to drop the music publishing side of our business (Nashville and independent Artists).  We had 81 songwriters on board (around the world) and the administration and work load became more than we could handle.  Gus Wolman was advised by his wife and doctors that the work load was simply too exhaustive and stressful to continue.  Gus decided that good health and family came first. 

However, we continue to strive to "help people through music".  The typical program consists of an "incredible" song with a tremendous message (published by our firm).  We then seek and find the right recording artist that also believes in helping people through music.  We work with the songwriters and artists to find the right non-profit organization to which we can donate substantial GROSS revenues from digital sales.  The objective is to provide significant revenues to non-profit organizations.  In doing so, we work with our non-profit clients in securing significant social media, and help from the non-profit parent organization to secure exposure in written media such as face book, newspapers, magazines, music publications, radio and television, etc.  This creates a win/win/win/win scenario (songwriter, publisher, artist and the non-profit organization).

What Makes WCCMP Different?

We developed, through entertainment legal counsel, a unique “non-exclusive” songwriter/publisher agreement that leaves song ownership with the songwriter.

We have not yet been blessed with a Nashville Top 100 Hit, so,  we leave that in the Lord's  hands.  We have been blessed to accrue well over 60+ indie cuts, with a significant cut with John Anthony's highly regarded label,  Banner Records.  Banner's Country Artist Laurie Shaw's new CD, "Breathless",  includes Gus Wolman's song "Mom's Blue Envelope".