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From: Tony Wilson
To: Gus Wolman
Sent: Thursday, April 6, 2017 7:59 AM
Subject: Re: Customer Feedback on our E-Book - "How To Write Commercial Country Music & Actually Make Money".
Thanks for the opportunity to share your experiences in this great little pamphlet.  Had I read it 3 years ago I probably wouldn't be writing to you now - I might have taken the enormity of the songwriter's task on board and jumped ship.  Still I am glad I stayed at it as otherwise I would not have been led by the Lord to such a truly mega talented group of musicians who have helped me bring my ideas to finished recordings.  Your ideas about the songwriters CD struck a chord and so I have one now available in physical format and on Bandcamp.  Here is free download code so you can, should you wish, get a copy of all the songs, the artwork and the full lyrics  - put in code 2c4-349s at: .  The bonus tracks are all home recorded demos so you won't get pro production quality but you can hear the songs. If you hear anything there that might translate into something you could market let me know and it could be the next pro demo.

God Bless,
JK Nichols
Star 1 Records
Nicholsworth Music/BGN Music Group
December, 2016

"Recently my friend and publisher Gus Wolman with The Little Texas Company shared with our songwriting family a pamphlet which gives some insightful information into the "what to do's and what not to do's" in the music business.  Getting a song cut today with a major label artist is next to impossible and even getting a mid-major or independent to cut a song is a difficult challenge. Gus has spelled out some critical paths of thinking into the way an independent songwriter/artist can have an opportunity to make money in a difficult market. I would strong suggest reading his insightful thoughts. As we all know not every single thing works for every single person. Being creative is the key and he provides us with some great tips as to how to make your music stand out in today's market whether you are looking to simply get it recorded or sell it yourself.  We live in a world where social media rules everything we do as far as marketing is concerned. Gus's key points can help you to decide the best path to take in your quest for success".

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Hi Gus,
I finished reading your pamphlet today. I found the following information very helpful:
1. - I'm thinking about switching to this service instead of using for my website.
2. Songwriter Edition Songs - I'm not sure how the process works to do this but it has definitely peaked my interest. Is this an option using Bandzoogle PRO?
3. RowFax - This is a huge gold nugget! Do you have any tips on how to use this service? Do you pitch through RowFax service so it is considered a solicited request? Is this like with free pitching opportunities or that charges $5 per pitch? Any additional insight would be helpful.
4. CD cover for pitches - It would be helpful if you made that information on page 24 as a separate appendix and included an example like the one I attached to this email. Do you mail or email your pitches?
5. QR code - Great suggestion. Does the code bring a person to your website or to your online store? How do you setup a QR code? Did you do the QR code through Bandzoogle or another service.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge about the music industry!

Apr 1 at 3:10 PM
Great presentation!  We really appreciate your time and sharing of your talents!

Goujon Mark <
February 10, 2017

Gold Cross & Jesus
Todd Barrow 
May 5 at 6:38 PM
Aug 11 at 6:00 PM
To     Todd Barrow

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Very best regards, Kevin
Thanks for understanding.  It is very tough.  There are some excellent songs to consider. The one you sent yesterday "Momma, Why Did Daddy Go" is now at the top of the list along with "One Life."  I have listened to about 70 tracks (some from other sources) and your writers are the only ones we are currently considering. The WCCMP quality is top notch.  Thanks for keeping an eye out and please do send anything else you get that looks to be a match.  Prayers for good health for your family. 

From:  Brock Burrell

To:   Gus Wolman
Sent:  Sept. 16, 2015

I am here in Nashville as we speak.  This is about the 5th time I have been here . . . as I ponder the scene, there are thousands of songwriters, all trying to "make it" as they say.  Some have left their home towns and gave up everything to come here and chase their dreams.  As I talk with them, most have had little to no success at all.  Some are even homeless and have nothing.  Some are bitter at the industry.  My heart goes out to them.  I cannot help but feel blessed.  Right here, from the comfort of my home town I submitted a song on line to you, and with faith, I hit the "send button".  I didn't have to pack up and move my family or leave my loves ones behind.  My song found a home.  I just want to say "thank you" for your hard work, and thank you for what you do.  Thank you for believing in my song.  I am blessed beyond measure.  
Jul 26 at 5:51 PM

From:  Dan Beckerman
To:  Gus Wolman
Sent:  Dec. 5, 2014

Hi Gus,

I'll be happy to share this information! Absolutely! In the time I've known you I can honestly say that you are one-of-a-kind, honest, thoughtful, a straight-shooter and a man with a lot of hard-won experience. It has been my pleasure dealing with you and Lisa... you guys are the best.

Additionally, I'm gonna order myself a copy of your book off the website... which I hope will be personally signed :

And if I didn't congratulate you on the new website let me do that now - CONGRATULATIONS